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I should totally 

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I figured this would be the easiest way for me to actively keep tabs on an RP. It seems that I respond better when responses have to be removed by me personally in order for me to forget about them. So let's try this, shall we?

Members Participating

DappledSun (Anura), Sky-Lily (Garen), OneLifeRemaining (Andromeda)


Like all EBC blogs, I expect members to follow our rules, but unlike EBC blogs, I'm not going to get after you for your mistakes in RP. This is a casual rp blog that I am using for character development.

I'm thinking that since this will alert me to when everybody responds as they respond, I'll be a lot more on top of things. I may just start doing major character development RP journals on my own account for ease of access for me.

Setting and In Character RP Info

Time of Day
-- Afternoon, just after the sun peaks in the sky

Habitat & Setting
-- Fire/Ice Border, then will move to the camp and then to the territory or something
-- Set before the Shadow/Lightning/Hunter conflict
-- Not a cloud in the sky

RP Summary

:bulletorange: Anura gets the nerve to ask Garen to take her to Fire Empire's camp. She wishes to talk to the leader of the empire and learn more about her father.

:bulletorange: As the RP continues and more things are decided/found out, I'll try to update this with more info


SE: Scorpio's Relationships
This is an adaptation of the wonderful Sky-Lily's realtionship meme! :dummy:


:bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Uncertain / Nervous / Confused
:bulletwhite: Neutral
:bulletblue: Acquaintance
:bulletblue::bulletblue: Friend
:bulletgreen: Close Friend
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Best Friend
:bulletyellow: Platonic Love
:bulletyellow::bulletyellow: Attraction
:bulletpink: Romantic Love
:bulletpink::bulletpink: Mates
:bulletred: Annoyance / Slight Dislike
:bulletred::bulletred: Hatred
:bulletorange: Oath (Can mean that a member is family, a past apprentice, a mentor, or is considered family even though they aren't)
:bulletorange::bulletorange: Broken Bond (Can mean anything from betrayed feelings to just a falling out)
:bulletblack: Slightly Jealous
:bulletblack::bulletblack: Envious
:bulletpurple: Respect
:bulletpurple::bulletpurple: Admiration

:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletorange: Friend-Master

[Only Entry] To be honest, there are times when I miss my friend-master more than I'd like to admit. He was a brave man, kind and true... and never over-punished me when I did wrong. I learned his words, learned what tones his incoherent voice meant, and spent a greater part of my life with him. Of course, there is a part of me that is going to worry and fret about him... and wish that I was still by his side.


But, I'm here in Shadow Empire with Evander and Sullas, and although we aren't fighting the same battles... this is a new chapter and I'm going to have to move on. He might be dead for all I know, after all... I didn't see him on the battle field, and much of that time frame between then and my journey to here... I don't remember.

I just hope he's okay, and maybe... just maybe... he'll understand... if we meet again... I hope he isn't as worried about me as I am him. He raised me after that hell of an academy... He took care of me.

Would I be able to just leave if I met him by chance? Would I be able to stay with my empire if my friend-master found me?

... I'm not sure... and I really don't want to worry about something that probably won't happen.

:bulletorange: Anahita

[Only Entry] I haven't seen my mother since the night I left for the battles. I wonder if she thinks I'm dead? I wonder if she's dead... I guess I'll never know... Not unless I meet father in battle.

... can we stop talking about this? I don't like these thoughts...


:bulletorange::bulletyellow::bulletpurple: Sullas

[Entry 01] Before you start telling me that I'm in love with a bobcat, I'd like to point out that the love I have for Sullas is purely platonic love... She's a lot like a sister to me and I trust her more than most felines. She's family, much like Evander is, though the two contrast so greatly I sometimes wonder how the three of us ever got along. She's wise... and actually scares even me when she's upset.

:bulletorange::bulletyellow::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletpurple: Evander

[Entry 01] When I first met this guy I thought he was a girl and I still apologize for it today, though he seems to understand and has told me, on multiple occasions, to stop talking about it.... He's used the tactic many times in battle, taking felines off guard just as they went to attack that I guess he's used to cats thinking he's a she..... It's funny actually, when we were practicing with each other he'd always spook the newer recruits by taking them off guard. He wasn't doing much, just talking to them in his pleasant and obviously masculine voice. He's a great guy... kind and respectable and a lot more controlled than Sullas ever could be. We made a good team on the field considering I was a slower hitter than he, and when I lost Sullas... I found him. Funny how things like that happen, isn't it?

:bulletpurple::bulletpurple: [Entry 02] I can't believe that I'm now friends with the leader of Shadow Empire. I know this makes our plans to return home a bit harder... and I think we're all... okay with staying.. but this is something all of us aren't used to. There's so much that has happened and so little for us to say it's been bad... I think we all like being here... actually.

I'm really proud of the guy.

:bulletblue::bulletblue:/:bulletyellow::bulletyellow: Sariel 

:bulletyellow::bulletyellow: / :bulletblue:[Entry 01] So, besides bumping my head on a branch and feeling rather silly for a good part of our introduction... Sariel's a nice jaguar. Underfed and in need of help, but a nice jaguar all the same. I couldn't help but think of Evander and how undernourished he had been when I came across him all those months ago. I helped her best I could, and when she finally passed out from exhaustion, I took her home and asked if Evander was okay with allowing her into the empire. That conversation wasn't hard, but when Sullas heard about what I had done, she started making jokes about how I was trying to be a ladies liger.

... Why did I do it? Honestly, I don't know. Something about the way she acted and how obvious it was that she was in pain and in need of help. I couldn't let another feline just die out here in the swamps. I... I...

I don't know okay. I think I like her -- she is pretty even though she's seen better days -- but I don't really want to ruin any friendship that may happen on it's own. I just hope Sullas keeps her mouth shut when it comes to any comments about me trying to be dashing or something. I just want to get to know this jaguar a little more.

[Entry 02] Something to be noted, she doesn't seem comfortable in fights. I don't know if it's because she hasn't seen many or if she had a bad experience, but it doesn't matter. What does matter is that she did as I asked and went to get Evander to end the ordeal. I'm grateful for that, and she should know it.

[Entry 03] .... I.... am.... so...... confused. First this new hunter shows up in camp after the entire ordeal with the hunters and the loss of Thalia, and then... he... starts talking to Sariel as if he knows her. I didn't hear what they were saying, but the looks and reactions mean something, and I don't know if... I want to understand. This guy looks like he cares about Sariel a lot, but she called them siblings Can I trust what she says or should I ask her about what's going on? I....

I'm not going.... oh to hell with it, I'm going to pry and ask her what's up... but it's going to need to wait until it's just the two of us. I don't want her to think it's a bad thing.... being mates with a hunter...

:bulletblue: Angel

[Entry 01] I don't always have the time to talk with this guy, but he's interesting enough and it's definitely not normal for us to have a dull moment together. The lion's a pretty laid back feline... I just hope I can get to know him better than I do now.


[Entry 01] When I was first assigned this guy, he got up right in my face and looked right into my eyes. Heh, he's a curious little guy, Philos. I think he's a good kid though, and he is really interested in listening to what I say. I'm hoping that as we start training I can start doing some good for the empire... now, the thing is, how am I going to train him...

I think I know what I'm going to start with, I just hope he's up for a nice walk through our territory before we actually get down to business. I think I'm going to enjoy having an apprentice, though.


:bulletwhite: Rhodes

[Entry 01] I know that having friends in different empires is... er... frowned upon? But this guy doesn't seem half bad. He's big, he's burly, and he seems like he could be a force to be reckoned with if you ever met him in a battle. We're a lot alike... actually... Though I guess it's because we're so big we kind of have to be careful. I hope I can meet him at some of our gatherings and talk to him again.

Who knows, maybe I'll make a friend in another empire? I don't see him being a bad guy, so why not? What's the harm in it, anyways?

[Entry 02] Well, that dispute could have gone better. I don't blame him for reacting the way he did, but honestly the entire thing was just a complete misunderstanding and a shame on our empires. I hope he understands that I'm not angry at him, but merely wanted to protect my healer from any danger. Especially since Thalia is my best friends little sister.


:bulletorange: :bulletyellow: Troy

[Entry 01] Dad! I... I honestly don't know what to think about him being a hunter now that I've agreed to join Shadow Empire... I originally thought I'd only be staying here for a short while, but I... I really like living here now. I love my father and mother dearly and worry almost constantly about what they think has happened to me... I only got to see them briefly before I left on this most recent battle and... I don't know, Dad's a hunter and I've always felt a close connection to him, but... I'm afraid of meeting him in battle one of these days. It's going to happen, I just know it.
So, I'm still on Hiatus, but Justice and I both realized that it's time that we announced Temp and Dehlia as expecting mother and father! They've been together in cannon for about 4 months and the two are really bad at waiting on things *SHOT* Anyway, Dehlia will be announced as pregnant this gathering and the cubs are set to be born anywhere from Christmas to New Years Day, so we wanted to get a little ahead of the game and have the tryouts posted now so we can announce the winners before then!

Two girls are open for tryouts. The only boy of the litter, named Electron, is going to be shared between Justice and myself.

As long as the cub looks related to Temp and Dehlia and the tryouts follow our joining rules, you're good to go!

Post your tryouts in a link on the bottom of this journal :D

Contest Ends December 20th and announcements on winners will be made before Christmas or on Christmas Day... maybe even on Christmas Eve... it depends

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Yeah, it's a lot easier for me to keep track of, so if you want to do it, go right for it
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Also can't wait to RP with Nedra and ruka again. ^^
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Pfft what's there to be sorry about? So far so good! I can't say much if you've got hunter friends, since I think Arte, Stray, and Hawk haven't had time to look over them yet, but the empires are happily accepting in new members and look forward to seeing how they fit in with the storyline. It's been a popular round this time :3
Gruvu Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014  Student General Artist
Indeed it has, remember when we struggled for new members YIKES
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