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 In order to help me pay for school, I have decided to open up Paypal commissions.

I need $542.... if I can at least break the halfway mark by doing commissions, I'd be more than happy. If you can't afford to pay for something, I would appreciate if you could at least advertise for me. I really want to try and get this taken care of... even though I know I can't get the money by the 25th

What I am willing to draw

- Any type of animal (be it real or fantasy)
I won't promise you anything if you pull out an animal I haven't drawn before such as a crocodile or wildebeest, but I'm willing to try something new.

- Human Profiles
I will only draw from the neck up when drawing this for the most part and they will more than likely be traditional works. I can draw full sized humans, but they will take much longer than what I am willing to spend on this

And What I will not draw

- Full bodied humans
As stated above, these drawings take longer than what I am willing to draw

- Anthros
This is because I have yet to attempt to draw any type of Anthro and if I'm going to draw one, I want it to be one of my own characters and not somebody else's. I hope you understand~

- Sexual/Adult themes or anything I feel uncomfortable with
Can you blame me for wanting to draw only things I will enjoy drawing?


:bulletorange: Sketches
Any and all quick character sketches are $1
If background sketches and other items of that sort are asked for, I will add $1

What You'll Get
- Traditional or Digital Clip Art (Depends, what I consider a sketch is something I can throw together in 30 minutes time)

Ruka Sketch by DappledSunEBC: Darius drawing? by DappledSunChat RP || Offline by DappledSunDragon Adopt: Oasis by DappledSun

:bulletorange: Lineart
Any and all line arts are $2

What You'll Get

- Digital Clip Art

If background sketches and other items of that sort are asked for, I will add $1

IE: Teehee by DappledSunLiza Dasun by DappledSun

:bulletorange: Drawings

One character $3
For every character added an additional $1 will be added
Color added: Free!

What You'll Get
-  digital clip art

Plato by DappledSunEBC: ITS NEDRIA by DappledSunEBC: Scorpio by DappledSun Does it matter what I say??? by DappledSun
The love we shared by DappledSun


:bulletorange: Icons / Headshots
Each picture costs $2
small blinking icons cost $1

What You'll Get
- Finished profile
- If it's specifically used for icons, it'll be 500x500
- Can be made into icons if requested
You will need to mention a background if you want one

TM: Mr. President by DappledSunSickness by DappledSunI've made mistakes... by DappledSunTeacher's Pet by DappledSunIE: I escaped once, didn't I? by DappledSunEBC: Anura by DappledSunMidnight Falls: They Call Me Microchip by DappledSunThe Pilot of Justice, A Mirror of Thought by DappledSun

Naram-Icon by DappledSunEumenide-Icon by DappledSunPraxidike-Icon by DappledSunMelani-Icon by DappledSunLeaf-Icon by DappledSunStriker Icon by DappledSunReel Icon by DappledSunMyan Icon by DappledSunAjax Icon by DappledSunAlexandros by DappledSunThalia Icon by DappledSunBorealis Icon by DappledSunKallisto Icon by DappledSunRhodes Icon by DappledSunGift: Crispy by DappledSun

:bulletorange: Detailed Pic (shading / background)
One character: $4
Two characters:  $6
Three characters: $8
Four characters: $10

each added character after 4 is only $1

What You'll Get
- Fully finished picture(s)
- Free digital sketch of one character if you had 2 or more characters in your picture

The Monster Inside by DappledSunStill Learning by DappledSunTime by DappledSunTsinga and Roxanne by DappledSunTsinga's assignment by DappledSunCommish: Marcus and Asante by DappledSunEBC: Lights Shine Bright by DappledSun


:bulletorange:OC Reference sheets: :bulletorange:
-Filled out application for a group: $3
-Every additional application will be an additional $1

What You'll Get
-Filled out application with character information all set up. You'll have to fill out the history and everything else on your own

Chretien the Collective by DappledSunEBC: Nedria the Valiant by DappledSunRuka the Shy by DappledSunGC: Polaris by DappledSunMT: Matilde Blackhorne by DappledSun

Commissioner List:

Note me if you're interested.


(if I owe you a commission, please let me know and I will do my best to get yours done first. I will also throw in an extra picture if it's taken me too long to get them done. I lost my list some time back and feel really bad for not getting around to it OTL)

Total Made from Paypal Commissions: $65.06 (2 Paid)

Running a join me until Josh gets out of class 

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No deviants said I'm on campus, so the internet shouldn't crap out on me

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VolKAINo Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student General Artist
I wanted to ask you if I could draw Avita sometime :) It'd just be a sketch, because my tablet isn't working, but it would be good practice!
DappledSun Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You can go for it whenever you want~ :3
xXShadow-FlameXx Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
-seduces you with pencil sharpener-
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Mother Daps I hate HATE bothering you, being a burdern and all but...well I am going to sound stupid gah. I can't seem to put my last EBC video in EBC in the correct folder.
DappledSun Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'll submit it for you, What folder do you want it to be in O:
Gruvu Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Student General Artist
I wanted it to be in extra content. I'm sooo sorry for the hassle
DappledSun Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
can I has link to video 8D and don't worry about it Gruvu~
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