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Want to have your character break out from behind bars?

Don't know how to do it? Having trouble figuring out their grand scheme?

Want to have your character featured in a story or artwork (not sure which at the moment)?

I need some people to volunteer their characters in Avita's escape story because she attempts a mass break out with like 30 other cats and I wanted to know if anybody who has a captured cat wanted their character to escape with her. Comment below with a link to your character and I'll write or possibly draw them into Avita's escape story.

Thanks 83


Nedria's Relationships by DappledSun
Nedria's Relationships
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Bullet; WhiteBullet; White Uncertain / Nervous / Confused
Bullet; White Neutral
Bullet; Blue Acquaintance
Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue Friend
Bullet; Green Close Friend
Bullet; GreenBullet; Green Best Friend
Bullet; Yellow Platonic Love
Bullet; YellowBullet; Yellow Crush
Bullet; Pink Romantic Love
Bullet; Red Annoyance / Slight Dislike
Bullet; RedBullet; Red Hatred
Bullet; Orange Oath (Can mean that a member is family, a past apprentice, a mentor, or is considered family even though they aren't)
Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange Broken Bond (Can mean anything from betrayed feelings to just a falling out)
Bullet; Black Slightly Jealous 
Bullet; BlackBullet; Black Envious
Bullet; Purple Respect
Bullet; PurpleBullet; Purple Admiration 

:iconebc-ice: Cats of Ice Empire :iconebc-ice:

:bulletorange: Anura
[Entry 01] You are the only daughter I gave birth to that night out of the four cubs that were brought into this world... and while Garen was named after somebody close to Soren, you were named after somebody close to me. She was a human, but that doesn't matter. I hope that some of her spirit is with you, my little one. May you grow strong.

[Entry 02] You and your brother are both very ambitious. I better not catch either one of you outside of the camp again! You're both going to end up giving me a heart attack. Gods above, I have to wonder if Soren is having the same problems with Garen? I may have to ask him at the next gathering... These two are going to be the end of me.

[Entry 03] ... You're all I have left. Your father and now your brother... There are so many things I need to tell you. You're still young, but I think you can handle it... the world has shown you a much darker side that I wish to have kept from you. I... I should have kept a closer eye on you and your brother....

I'm sorry I wasn't able to save him, Anura

[Entry 04] Apprenticeship. You'll be training under Ceres and I have to admit, she is right that you need a guiding paw that is strong and won't back away from your fierce attitude. I love you so much, but you're so much more like your father... I can't even fight that well unless I outwit my opponents. I hope that Ceres can teach you what I cannot.

[Entry 05] ... Gladiator... You're finally a gladiator. And you fought off hunters as an apprentice twice... You're strong and brave... and won't ever back down from a fight... I'm... I'm more than proud to call you my daughter, Anura. I can't wait to see where your path takes you... Hopefully... it's a happier life than mine... Ha, to think... you'll probably be settling down in the next year or so...



Great gods above, I'm not ready to be a grandmother. 

:bulletpurple::bulletwhite: Bird
[Single Entry] I know that he's now retired, but in my heart, he will always be the healer of Ice Empire. He's a strong, tough feline that doesn't take anything from any single feline. He's saved many of my empire's gladiators and has worked miracles for our sick. I know that with him training Ruby... our empire will be in safe paws for years to come.

:bulletorange: Borealis
[Single Entry] He attached himself to me after I accepted him into the empire... I don't really know why, but he seems to be very keen to make sure that everything is done well if it means I'm the one issuing the order. (Amused chuckle) Ceres did a good job giving him Elektra and then, Orpheus to train. He'll do well... if only because he's looking after my children...


That's weird to say.

:bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletorange::bulletorange: Calidius
[Single Entry] ....

(Nedria can't talk about Calidius. There's too much pain and confusion when it comes to discussing him. She has a lot of great memories about Calidius, but because of what happened and how much it hurt Ceres, it brings up waaaaay to many uncomfortable feelings for her to even be able to start discussing him. She mostly ignores what is said... if she's not storming off angrily trying to ignore his name even being mentioned. This could possibly change if Calidius ever made a reappearance in EBC, but I can't be certain of how that would work out...)

:bulletorange::bulletorange: Ceres
[Entry 01] I couldn’t have asked for a better member of Ice Empire to be my Silver Gladiator. I know what she’s made of and I know I can trust her judgment as well as I can trust my own, if not more so. I couldn’t be more proud to have her standing by my side when I’m going both into battle as well as when I am announcing new information to my… our… empire.

[Entry 02] She’s amazingly strong for a feline... and I don’t have any trouble getting along with her. I know that I’m about as excited as she is to know that she is expecting cubs along with her mate, Calidius. All I can do is wish her the best of luck now that she’s entering a new chapter of her life, but there is a part of me that has my worries. If she has cubs, who am I going to go to for help?

[Entry 03] She’s one of the few members of my empire that I’ve told I’m expecting… but I was unable to disclose who it was with. I do know that she has enough sense to realize that the male isn’t a part of the empire, being that I haven’t shown any affection towards any ice empire gladiator. I just hope that I can give her the information myself instead of Cal. It’s important that I show how much I trust her… And actually, there’s a part of me that feels guilty for telling Calidius more than I told her… but I’ve known Cal longer. Would she blame me?

[Entry 04] She’ll be busy for the next few moons while she’s busy feeding her cubs and watching them grow into great members of the empire… though I know she’ll be worrying about them more than she’ll be worrying about the empire… which I can understand, but I can’t help but hope that she doesn’t forget that I’m still here and will still need her help as Silver of Ice Empire.

[Entry 05] I... No! How could I have been so stupid?! Caldius is hers and I know that! And yet in my stupidity and need for comfort I ended up twisting everything. No I'm... I'm not that kind of feline. I will not tear that family apart. She's my best friend and like a sister to me. I can't... won't... no...


I...I didn't mean... I could never mean...

Nobody can ever find out. I'd be marked as a monster.

[Entry 06] I'm... I'm expecting Calidius's cubs. He's already stopped sleeping beside her at night. I... I haven't seen him in some time. He probably hates himself as much as I hate myself. I... I don't know what I'm going to do. No matter what I say or what I do, as soon as these cubs are born, Ceres will know that I caused this.


(choke sobs)
What have I done?

[Entry 07] She avoids me most days. After I stepped down, she rarely takes the time to even look at me. I don't blame her. I'd want to avoid me, too, if I could. She deserved so much more... her children deserve so much more. I'll never be able to forgive myself for it. 

... she has to hate me... I don't blame her.

[Entry 08] Anura? Her apprentice? I... I don't understand... Why... why would she? I... I have to ask...

After talking with her she mentioned that Anura is a strong spirit and needs to be trained by a stronger minded feline. I have to admit I agree... I'm just glad that she isn't punishing Anura for what I did...

Maybe... maybe this is a sign that things will start returning back to normal...? I... I hope so.

[Entry 09] (smile) She's found a new love and is getting ready to have another litter with a new feline, Eli. It seems that he truly cares about her... I'm glad. She deserves a feline that is better than Calidius... I hope that she is happy now. She deserves it. 

:bulletorange: Chara
[Single Entry] Chara is a hard working feline and I'm glad that she is finally a gladiator. She trained hard under me and worked closely with other felines to ensure she achieved her new rank... I'm proud of her. 

:bulletorange: Crispus
[Entry 01] Crispus didn't turn out like either of his parents, but he and his siblings are all just as welcome to come and play with mine at any time. You're all so close in age. I look forward to seeing Ceres' cubs and mine growing up in this empire together. He's pretty fiery as a cub... I see that he and Anura will both probably get along as they grow older... (smile) It's kind of sily... but I almost see Crispus and Anura becoming as good of friends as Cal and I did... or even as Ceres and I did. 

I'm glad.

[Entry 02] He knows. I hate saying it, but the way he acts and the way he avoids Anura when she goes out to play. Ceres must have told him why Calidius is gone... I can see it in his face, he hates me with every bone in his body... and I don't blame him. I... I wish I could change it, but honestly... I deserve it.

Go on Crispus, you can hate me. It's not nearly as much as I hate myself and it won't change anything. The gods above know that I've wished it did.

[Entry 03] He's at least started playing with Anura again... I'm glad... She was getting antsy all by herself. Sometimes I have to wonder if they're both the only friends they even have...


camp... gods be damned these children and leaving this camp... Will somebody get Ceres? She won't listen to me.



Where's Anura....?

Oh no, not again

[Entry 04] ... Well, I saved him. Collapsed from exhaustion afterwards, but I saved him from a bear. What in the name of all things caused him and Plato to run into a bear?! I just said I didn't want to lose another cub and then this happens. 

They're both going to be okay though. He looks pretty rough, but Bird has assured me that he'll live. I'm glad. Ceres doesn't need to know what it is like to lose a child.. and he doesn't deserve to die like that. He doesn't deserve to not live out a full life...

He may hate me, but I can't help but care about him... He's Ceres son. I can't just leave him to die...

He's family.

[Entry 05] Saved him again... from hunters. This time he was targeted by a liger. Him, Kota, Anura and Donovan all went out on a patrol together and nearly got themselves captured. I'm so glad Zireena and I were there... 


I wonder what he thinks now?...

[Entry 06] Anura and him are both Gladiators now. I can't help but laugh at how they all share a little ledge together in the back of the gladiator's den. I have to admit... there are times when I wonder if there is anything extra brewing between him and my daughter, but Anura talks like he's a brother more than anything...

... could I be imagining it?

I don't know, and I'm not going to ask either of them. He probably doesn't even understand what to think of me.

:bulletorange: Cyto
[Only Entry] ... There is too much for me to say. He's hyper, easily excited, loves fishing... Cyto is my first son and will always hold a special place in my heart. I could go on for days about him... both saying good things and bad things... but all in all, I'm proud of him, and even though he may think he's fooling everybody, I know he's a lot wiser than he lets on. Now if only he'd stop trying to surprise me in the morning when I get up... I'd be happy.

:bulletorange: Elektra
[Single Entry] I found you before Kaien died and adopted you as my own. You were so tiny then... and now you're a fully grown cheetah. You're slowly beginning to grow up, much like Anura has, and as every day passes, I can't help but be proud of what you and her have both become together. I love you just like you were my own daughter. Don't ever consider anything otherwise.

:bulletwhite: Eli
[Single Entry] Eli's a good liger. He's a bit of a prankster and probably drove Ceres up a wall when he first started training Crispus... I... I'm happy for them... just...


Please, for the love of everything... don't do what Calidius did to Ceres. She can't go through that again. She doesn't deserve it... and if you do make that mistake, I will be there to slap you upside the head and tell you you're being... well...

(mutters under breath)
that you're being a f*cking idiot and that you're letting go of the best thing you've ever had.

:bulletorange: Kota
[Single Entry] He's rambunctious and needs to stop flirting with my daughters. I'll protect him, but if he breaks Elektra's heart....

Sator have mercy on his soul.

:bulletorange: Orpheus
[Entry 01] Orpheus is such a quiet cub compared to his brother, even though the two of them are nothing like Kaien and Anura. I have to say, I think it'll be easier to raise these two than it was to raise them... it's the one thing that Calidius made easy... I guess...

[Entry 02] Plato has already started talking and is picking new words as if it was fresh meat... while Orpheus is still quietly watching things and playing with Plato without making a single sound. I'm worried. Is there something wrong with my boy?

[Entry 03] I nearly had a heart attack earlier while Orpheus and Plato were playing. He nearly started to pounce on a deadly spider that is known in these parts. I panicked and started to ramble on about all of the things I'm worried about... and then Plato told me that Orpheus is mute. This is both a relief and a scary realization... how will he call for help or tell others how he is feeling? ... Gods please, help me.

[Entry 04] I've begun to pick up on a few of his reactions and their meanings. Plato's been helping me as well, and I can only hope that as time goes on I get better at understanding him... right now he doesn't like other felines. He hides behind me or Ruka whenever louder cats are around. He's especially terrified of Cyto, it seems. Poor little boy. Don't worry, I'll always be here to protect you.

:bulletorange: Plato
[Entry 01] Plato took after Calidius when it comes to his coloration. There are times when I feel sorry for the pain I will cause him.. the scorn that will fall upon his shoulders because of the feline he takes after. I... I guess he'll either get used to it or the empire will see him for what he is... an innocent cub...


I hope it's the latter.

[Entry 02] He's perceptive for being so young... How did he know that Orpheus was mute? How did... I...

(exasperated) I seriously need to stop worrying over myself and start actually thinking about the cubs I have. This encounter alone has taught me that much. Plato, Orpheus, I promise to do better. I'll raise you just as I did Anura and... K-kaien... 

Thank the gods above that they're both a lot less adventurous. I couldn't take the idea of possibly losing another cub to this world.

[Entry 03] Ceres made Crispus his mentor... I hope she knows what she's doing when it comes to letting him be taught by his older brother...


Then again... Crispus seems to have taken a close liking to his little brother after he recovered from the incident with that bear... I don't want to think about what would have happened if Plato and him both hadn't been so close by...(shudders)

:bulletwhite::bulletorange: Ruka

[Only Entry] Ceres gave birth to three children that were related to Calidius. Ruka was the youngest and smallest of them. Bird wasn't certain she'd make it through her first few weeks... and then she came down sick and had to be quarantined... We all worried so much about her... and miraculously, she survived. She and her brother will always be special to me... they're my family too... even though I hurt Ceres in the end... she's still my sister and her cubs... well... She can't watch them all the time... you know? Anyway... She's an apprentice now and doing decent in her training, though she's quiet and reserved compared to her more rowdy brothers. Cyto has taken an interest in "helping" her... though I'm not sure how that's working out... exactly...

Cyto I swear if  you hurt her, I'll....

Who am I kidding. She'll hurt him before he does anything harmful to her.

:bulletorange: Saphire Perceus
[Only Entry] I know who their father is and I considered their mother to be a daughter of mine... I will do whatever it takes to ensure she is remembered through them... They're both so much like her... I miss Rue.
New Mother by DappledSun
New Mother
On the 23rd, just after the gathering came to a close and Tempestas was coming back from the Emergency Gathering, he was ushered into the healer's den quickly, for his mate, Dehlia had started going into labor just minutes prior. 

In the end, they ended up having three beautiful cubs. Ava, Livana, and Electron

Electron is shared by Scarflash and myself
Ava belongs to Asante-Sana
Livana belongs to NeonNica

9 EP to Dehlia
Druex?? by DappledSun
Random churned this out. I'll probably be still online for the next hour or so. Not sure

Gruvu owns Torex

+5 EP to Drusa

Deviant ID



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