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EBC: Scorpio the Wanderer by DappledSun EBC: Scorpio the Wanderer by DappledSun
Last Updated: 5/20/2013
Background information is now done: written reference is almost complete. Drawn reference is being fixed so he doesn't look so fat D:

General Information

What Can Be Found Here
Name, Gender, Rank, Species

Pronounced Score-pee-iss (iss rhymes with hiss)

-- Prefers to be called Scorpio

-- Close friends call him Scor (Pronounced Score)

Shadow Empire Gladiator

Starting Age: 3 Years Old
Current Age: 4 Years Old
Season Born In: Early Summer

Liger – Maltese xx Dark furred mutation
Information on height, weight, and other statistics to be added -- Scorpio, when measured from paw to ear tips, is about 5'8" tall. To put that into perspective, if I was standing up beside him, we'd probably see about eye to eye. I'm 5'7"

Dominant Traits: Dark fur, tiger striping, green eyes
Recessive Traits:
Mane, Stocky build, tiger tail
Carrier Traits:
Orange eyes, blue toned pelt, heavy set build

[[Note: Carrier Traits cannot be seen. They are the combinations that could have been but weren’t]]

Training, Mentors, Apprentices, and Armor

Past Training Experience

  • Advanced battle training
    Because Scorpio was sold to a family that trained felines to fight in the army beside the Roman soldiers, he has had plenty of time to learn how humans fight and, because of this, he had learned how to fight other cats and animals without much hesitation. Both his will power and his fighting skill are well developed because of this.
  • Basic Understanding of City life
    Having grown up in the city and returned to the city multiple times between battles, Scorpio has a decent knowledge on how other cats live life in the city, and although he doesn't always agree to it, he understands why things are the way they are and has learned not to question it. He also understands this stuff because his father is a bounty hunter while his mother was a coliseum fighter.
  • Hunting Training
    A feline has to eat, and Scorpio isn't any different than any other cat in the EBC universe. When he was sold a second time to his most recent master in the army, the man did his best to train the liger how to hunt on his own so that he didn't have to spend so much money out of pocket feeding his companion and would often benefit from Scorpio hunting larger animals such as caribou and deer. This training also prepared the liger for fighting larger animals that fought alongside other attacking soldiers.
  • Advanced Tactical Knowledge
    Working besides Sullas for a little over two years has helped Scorpio understand battle tactics on a much higher level than most cats. He understands that all attacks happen for a reason and there is almost always a way to get around an attack in some tactical way or another. He's smart and understands that not all battles are won by just charging in head first.

Octavian ; Human
Best known as "friend" to Scorpio, this man was the human companion that Scorpio worked beside as a loyal fighter and "pet" before they were separated in what Scorpio likes to call his "final battle". Octavian taught Scorpio most of the things he knows today, though the liger will on occasion mention his father and "the other humans" when talking about his teachers.

Current Apprentice

Past Apprentice

- Titanium plating on his shoulders and back

- Dyed leather bracers with titanium plating

- Dyed leather padding : Gold and Red colors

Personality, Biography, and History

What can be found here
Personality Traits, Background Information, and Character Quirks

{Loyal} – {Hard–working} – {Perceptive} – {Tactful} – {Concise} – {Reserved} – {Heroic} – {Placid} – {Resourceful}

  • Loyal
    "My word is all you need, Remus. I'll fight for Shadow Empire until I can no longer do so."
    Breeding might have a lot to do with Scorpio's undying loyalty to others once he's committed, but now that he's a part of the empire's he rarely thinks about his upbringing or breeding. He's a feline that will do anything and everything in his power to keep to a commitment and will eventually make a great mate because of it. Steadfast in his beliefs, there aren't many things out there that will stop Scorpio from going against his word or his commitments.
  • Hard-Working
    "Don't worry about the patrol later, Sullas, I'll gather a few cats to come with me after I'm done hunting."
    Scorpio likes to get things done and isn't the type of feline to just sit back and let things take their course. He has to be doing something at all times, and at times it can probably get rather irksome, but it doesn't really bother him. He enjoys what he does and since he does, most felines don't get after him when he picks up the slack where others don't. It's not like he wasn't okay with it in the first place, after all. The problem is, there is a fine line between being hard working and being a workaholic, and Scorpio tends to tread that line more often than most, sometimes he even falls over the deep end.
  • Perceptive
    "What's wrong? You seem edgy"
    Compared to most felines, Scorpio is a bit more in tune to others in how they act and how they are feeling. Besides being perceptive with feelings though, Scorpio also tends to be the first to notice when something is wrong in a situation, though it's mostly because of his training. He's learned to pay attention to detail, sometimes the smallest things can lead to the biggest problems.
  • Tactful
    "Don't worry about what's going to happen, Sullas. You're still a commander, even with what's happened."
    Working with some of the felines in his small "troop" on a daily basis was quite a hassle for felines that didn't understand the concept of tact. Considering that their leader, Sullas, was a rather hardy and hardened bobcat, Scorpio quickly learned how to speak to her, and many others, by employing the use of speaking to others in a kind and understanding way. Scorpio knows what to say and how to say it without causing problems with others and has managed to escape many a fight amongst his group due to this system. It's a good thing to know especially considering his past position.

  • Concise
    "We went out and checked the borders for you, nothing to report, sir."
    Scorpio likes to keep things short and to the point if he can help it. Rambling isn't really something he's known to do unless he's really frustrated, and even then he tends to go out on his own to rant instead of talking to others. Despite everything that has happened, there aren't many things that Scorpio will really dive into when it comes to conversation. Where others could go on for days about something, this liger struggles to speak about something for a few minutes.
  • Reserved
    "I don't bother with relationships often. Being around others... It was never smart... for ones with the job I had..."
    The fierce cry of battle, the sound of horses hooves pounding into the soft ground as felines and humans fell. It's not hard to understand why, even though the battles are over for Scorpio, he keeps to himself and avoids becoming familiar with other felines. He's self restrained, kind around females and gentle with cubs, but he hardly ever shows how flirtatious he can be. When he was younger, he definitely had a charm to him that only a few select cats saw. To put it simply, Scorpio has always been a rather quiet and distant liger.
  • Heroic
    "Of course I saved you from that fire. I'm not going to let somebody just die when I can save them."
    Scorpio, despite being smart in battle, has a reckless side to him when he sees others in danger. Whether it be a human or feline, Scorpio has been known to go charging into fights just to save another cats tail. He uses his strength and size to his advantage, and will never leave a fallen comrade behind if he knows they are alive. He's been known to risk his life, on multiple occasions, to pull friends out from under shields, out of the range of arrow shot, and has even taken a sword for a friend, though it got caught in his armor so it never really left much of a scar...
  • Placid
    "Don't worry about it, I'm just enjoying the sunlight anyway."
    For one so large, it's easy for most felines to be afraid of a liger like Scorpio. He's got a large build, a strong jaw, and looks as if he could easily hurt somebody with a light bat of his large paws. In reality though, Scorpio is as serene, quiet, and tranquil as the black water lake. He's careful around others, and although this may make him seem like a pushover, he still knows what he's doing.
  • Resourceful
    "We can use the forest as our cover in order to attack the enemy from behind."
    It's probably just the military drive this feline as, but if there is another way to do something, Scorpio is probably the first cat to think about it. He's quick and intelligent on his feet, which helps out when split second decisions need to be made. He's been known to use vines to trip up other fighters, has spooked horses to force an attacking party directly into a trap, and has used many other skills he's learned to help out his troop when fighting.


[[ There will always be one person by your side ]]

Few felines that grew up in the city could say that their mother and father both fought in battles together long enough to become mates. Fewer still can go on to say that not only did their parents survive, but also other family relations. There are also few felines that can say that at least one of their parents became a bounty hunter with no prior family lines within the ranks. His mother and father were two of the lucky few to actually survive their fighting days long enough to produce cubs.

His mother, from what he remembers, was a beautiful Maltese tiger that held fallen for the darker lion that was known as his father. Scorpio was born named "Scorpius" by his first master and parents. Troy and Anahita loved their only son more than the world, and for the first four and a half months of Scorpio's life, he remembers his father's immense love and his mother's gentle paws caring for him whenever he strayed away. They were great parents, kind and thoughtful, resourceful and quick. On occasion his father would leave, telling his son of the fights and training that he was going off to do.

Scorpio admired his father's bravery as he learned more and more about the world around him.

Things were going well for the young liger cub. From what his parents said, it seemed he had promise to be a great fighter, and if he was really lucky, he'd be able to follow in his father's footsteps and become a bounty hunter apprentice when he was of age. He eagerly looked forward to the day that he would start his training to fight, that is, until his owner's father passed away. That was when the man inherited Uncle Brutus and became slightly volatile with his felines. Many questions surrounded the family, but they stood strong for a time.

Before Scorpius knew what was happening, he was being taken away from his small family to be trained in the ways of the army; a new tactic had been forged and only the offspring of the best fighters were being chosen. The owner was paid handsomely for the young liger cub and because of that, Scorpio was ripped from his family without any weening or way to see them again.

And so the nightmares began.

[[ No matter how hard things get ]]

A mental scar had been placed upon the young liger's mind. It was a scar so deep that even today the male has trouble being alone for a week. His name had been stripped from him overnight, the family he had known was gone, and amidst all the chaos, the young liger was forced to train, day in and day out, amongst men who cared little for his well being. Separation anxiety crippled the poor cub for the next six months of his life as he was thrust into training. He didn't remember his own name and could only think fondly back to the first four months of his life for brief periods of time before he'd begin to get too worked up and upset over it.

Bitter at the sour turn his life had made, Scorpio almost turned his back against humanity. This was where he met Vitus and Vitas, two twin cougars that would become a part of his troop later on in life. Unfortunately, Scorpio could hardly ever get their names right until their armor was put on.

Scorpio, to this day, is more than reluctant to admit that he would have probably lost the will to live if he hadn't met the twins. They trained hard despite the cruelty of the academy, and before long, they were ready to be sold or given away to members of the army. For six months the cub was pushed forward to almost his breaking point, but he prevailed, promising himself that life would get better. Scorpio had filled out during this time, growing larger than most of the felines in the academy. Then came the day most of, if not all, of the felines were dreading: Selling day.

Scorpio and the twins were placed in a different area than most of the other felines because of their elite training. A trio of men looked over the six or so felines in the ring, one of them taking both of the twins for himself and his son, who was standing behind him, almost at once, but the other took his time. He walked out into the pen, asking for the felines to be unchained so he could get a better look at them, while also bringing the third man down with him.

Scorpio stood quietly at attention, his eyes looking straight ahead as the other felines were paraded before the human, each one returned to the cages quietly as they were dismissed. Only two remained, Scorpio and a young tiger cub who didn't seem to have any patience as he pranced in place. That was when the liger made eye contact with the bobcat at the other man's feet. She seemed to be the one assessing the others, paying close attention to how they walked as they were asked to come closer. Scorpio was asked to come forward, the chain removed from his neck just as the young tiger broke lose of his. The tiger made a rush towards the bobcat, but before he even had the chance to move, Scorpio stopped him, pinning him to the ground just seconds after the link broke from his collar.

"You better stay still and listen, cub." He had growled, rising up as the tiger slowly backed off. For being young, it was obvious Scorpio's size gave plenty of reason for other felines to listen to his orders. He then stepped forward, dipping his head to the two humans as the bobcat stepped forward. She walked around him as the other two reviewed the liger's teeth and claws.

The man had found his companion. The money was paid out to the people who owned the liger, and once again Scorpio was taken away. The man's name was Octavian, and he treated Scorpio better than he could have ever imagined. Now renamed Scorpio instead of Scorpius, slowly the liger became accustomed to being treated fairly by humans. Instead of fearing what would happen if he disobeyed orders, he did as he was told due to the immense love he held for his friend/master.

His training was advanced and for almost two months he worked closely with Octavian, learning his moves to the two could fight as one on the battle field. They grew closer with each growing day and on the cusp of his first birthday, he and his friend/master went out into the battlefield for the first time. This was were Scorpio first met Sullas, the bobcat that had inspected him two months prior. They became good friends, considering their masters both worked close together and eventually, the duo was joined by a third companion, Evander.

They returned from battle, victorious, and Scorpio had returned with yet another new friend. He and Sullas have almost been inseparable ever since.

[[ No matter how difficult the battles ]]

The two were not alone in their fighting, of course. Vitus and Vitas eventually joined up with the troop adorned with the most intricate of armor designs to tell the two apart, and just as relieved as they were to see Scorpio, he was just as relieved to learn they had been given names just as he had been, considering at the academy most felines were referred to by either their previous owners or their pelt color. Scorpio was more than happy to know his friends from the academy had also been treated well after their new master had bought them. Other felines were there as well, but the most memorable for Scorpio were the twins, a cowardly lion by the name of Superbus, Evander, and Sullas. Battles were won and the small group would, on more than on occasion, meet up after the fights were done and discuss things that could have gone better.

Months passed and before Scorpio knew it, his second year of life had come and passed. Friends had died, tactics had been discussed, and things moved on at a leisurely pace for a time. The troop went south and Scorpio's mane was cut to keep him from getting too hot, though he got ridiculed by friends because of it. Even now, on occasion, Sullas will bring it up just to get Scorpio worked up, since it's one of the few things that will actually get under his skin. The seasons changed, and before the troop knew it, fall was once again upon them.

That was when disaster struck the group. Scorpio wasn't able to fully see what happened, but in the middle of one of the largest fights Scorpio had ever witnessed, the troop was fighting the perimeter, trying to ensure that nobody tried to escape the battle without a decent fight. Scorpio had been too preoccupied fighting a man on horseback to see it at first, but Sullas had noticed that one of the wagons trying to escape. Sullas, being the troop leader, of course called for an attack on it, racing forward to try and stop it while the rest of the troop abandoned their posts as their enemies and attackers were disposed of. Unfortunately, because of where she had been standing, she managed to get caught in one of the ropes.

The troop watched in dismay as the bobcat was knocked out, hanging from the wagon to where most of her body, besides her face, was safely out of distances of the paved road beneath... they watched, and raced forward in horror to catch up to the wagon, Scorpio at the point position while Evander shot forward past the other felines. Scorpio is still glad to know that the hybrid was half cheetah and not a liger like himself. He managed to untangle her and break her loose, but the damage had already been done.

Scorpio was the one to take her back to her master and, for what seemed like ages, the group stayed beside her, wishing they could heal her wounds and bring back their temperamental but loveable leader. It's not surprising that the troop was forced to return to the city to ensure that Sullas would be able to be nursed back to health. Much to Scorpio and the troops relief, the bobcat made a full recovery and was given a helm to protect her face from then on out.

They went out into a few more battles before returning back to the cities for a final time. By this point, Octavian had found out who had sired his wonderful companion, and briefly, the young liger was able to become acquainted with his parents. Troy had gained more scars and had lost an eye, but he was still the loveable father he had always been and of course, his mother was still as beautiful as ever. They spent an entire day together and Scorpius was reminded of his real name. When the day was done, he of course promised that he would visit his parents more often if it was possible and left to go out to one last major battle...

He hasn't seen his parents since.

[[ How daunting the quests ]]

Of course, the troop had many other small battles within the next few months, by this point Scorpio was two years and seven months old, and before he knew it, seven months turned to nine months. The army was doing well, clearing out villages that were not accepting of the empire in the area before returning back to the great city. The troop was still doing better than ever, and for the first time in what felt like forever, Sullas was acting like herself.

It was the eve after a terrible storm, the ground sopping wet from weeks of rain, that the group ran into their last and most recent fiasco. The battalion was at the ready, masters preparing their felines and horses alike for the battle. Octavian and the others were prepared, this would be the last major battle before returning home and the felines were just as eager to be home again as their masters. They set out on a brisk and misty morning, the battle was nothing short of what was expected, the groups attacked and fought, and as the sound of felines falling crashed into Scorpio's ears, the sound of metal meeting metal was louder.

For awhile, it appeared the troop was going to be victorious once again, but then the tides turned. There had been reinforcements the attackers hadn't expected, and right when they thought the wave of new fighters had come to an end...

A large group of attackers came in from behind. They smashed into the battalion from the back, racing through the ranks and taking out as many humans as possible. Many felines pulled back in their lines, racing to defend their fighters as soon as the attack occurred. Scorpio raced to his friend/master immediately, and probably saved his life doing so. Blades danced towards the liger's pelt as the battle raged on, a few licking at his back and shoulders like angry flames. He lost sight of those around him, fiercely fighting to save his master and ensure that he would survive. It was in his training after all.

And then blackness. The world suddenly came to a screeching halt as a shield came crashing down upon his head. The battle continued, but the liger was left laying in the grass, not a single person even noticing that he was still alive. He came too, what must have been hours later, to find that not a single living human was left on the field. When had the battle ended? Had the others just left their fallen comrades to die? What if they had lost? So many questions boggled the poor liger's head that almost at once he wanted to race away and find out where the encampment was at, but he couldn't remember where the camp was located. His head throbbed, and for awhile, all he could do was sit down, waiting for the confusion and headache to fade away.

When he was well enough to stand again, he began to search through carnage, his mind was set on finding his master, or at least making sure that his master was not dead. He searched the field, taking note that, not for the first time, war was a terrible thing. He padded quietly along, trying to remind himself that his master would be fine and that he would be reunited with him. After all, he had his promise to his parents to keep and so much more at stake than just losing his friend. Where were the twins, Sullas, Evander, and Superbus? Were they okay? He worried about everybody he had met within his life that had fought in the battle, and for awhile, he thought he would have to find a way to survive out in the wild.


He wasn't sure he'd be able to do that.

He continued onward through the day, working hard to figure out exactly what had happened. Then luck changed, he came across Sullas, who happened to be looking for her master as well in the carnage. They swapped stories, both trying to figure out where they were and how to get back, and found that they both had been hit in the head by something relatively strong. Though Scorpio couldn't quite remember what hit him. They continued searching the battlefield for the comrades, and when nobody of importance seemed to be dead, the two assumed that their masters had returned to camp. The duo agreed that night that they would set out into the forest in hopes of finding their friends and troop. That night they lay at the edge of the battlefield, their eyes scoring the area for any sign of smoke while talking about what the troop was doing in order to keep their spirits up. No smoke was seen though, and that night, the two kept watch in turns out of habit to ensure that nobody tried to attack them or steal them in the night. The next morning they both took one last look at the bloodied grass and dead bodies, promising each other that they would be more careful in battles to come if they ever found their friends again.

And so, their journey began.

[[ That person is always there for you ]]

Information on getting separated from Sullas and finding Shadow Empire will go here. I have to wait on Sky-Lily to ensure that we both know how Evander fits into this storyline. Right now, I'm thinking he went out to look for the two felines, but got lost in the process during the fire (which was when Sullas and Scorpio got seperated) and he came across scor one night by surprise, buuuuut that's just a thought and I don't want to take over Sky's chance to work on her character.

[[ Strong, as the shadows come in to take you over. ]]

-- Scorpio has separation anxiety, because of this, if he gets too worked up over something, he starts chuffing heavily

-- If Scorpio is upset with a feline, he tends to knead the ground with his paws to hide his frustration

-- Scorpio on occasion will black out and not remember what has happened within the past few minutes; a side effect from gaining a concussion, but it'll disappear within the next few months

Relationships and Roleplay Example

What can be found here
Family Relations, Empire Relations, and Roleplay Example



Family Lineage
Father ; Barbary Lion ; Bounty Hunter ; Alive
roleplayed by RenatusPhoenix

Mother ; Maltese Tiger ; Fighter ; Presumed Alive

Half - Brother ; ??? ; ???
roleplayed by RenatusPhoenix

*Family Relations are Closed*

Other Family Ties

Uncle ; Barbary Lion ; Unknown ; Unknown
roleplayed by DappledSun

Empire Relationships
SE: Scorpio's Relationships by DappledSun

Roleplay Example

The sound of the forest's critters scrambling about to find a place to rest before night fell soothed Scorpio's ears as he quietly made his way through the dense forest of Shadow Empire's territory. He slowly exhaled, adjusting the straps on his armor before continuing onwards into the night. His breath fogged and swirled around in the air before him, but the slight chill wasn't bad considering the time of year it was. He had been asked to go on a solo mission to check the border that was known as "center-forest" and see how much of the land was still devastated from the fire that had rushed through it before he and Sullas had joined. Why exactly Remus thought he of all felines would be able to do it was still a mystery, but Scorpio continued forward without question.

Slowly, the large liger opened up his maw and drew in a breath, realizing that he had actually reached the border in question, for there were a mingling mixture of different smells, two of which Scorpio wasn't fully used too. He grunted for a moment and closed his eyes, unsure of what to do just right that instant. He sat down, his back to what he was pretty sure was known as Fire Empire's border, in quiet contemplation. It seemed as if the trees were recuperating, but he wasn't sure. He hadn't seen them before now, and because of that, he had no idea what his leader had been thinking.

I think he's going to be busy dealing with other things, so I'm not going to rush back to camp... actually... sitting here seems nice... and peaceful... unlike the camp which seems to be in better disarray than the troop I worked in. Who knows, maybe I'm just jumping to conclusions....

The liger wasn't sure what he was doing, but he just felt like staying where he was, for whatever reason.

Plots and Prophecies, Wanted Status, and Empire Points

Character Plots
None Currently : Eventually a link to a plots section will be added

Wanted Status
Unknown // Undetermined

Empire Statistics
Empire Points: 0

Scorpio © DappledSun 2011-2013
for EmpiresBeforeClans
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